Janapada Khadi

Janapada Seva Trust

Posted on August 01 2019

Janapada Khadi


One of the key activities of the Janapada Seva Trust is production of Khadi fabric under the brand name of Janapada Khadi. Janapada Khadi seeks to resuscitate Khadi not only an aspirational choice of clothing, but as a tool for creating non-violent social order for a sustainable and equitable future. Janapada Khadi evinces the spirit of swaraj (self-rule) that involves freedom of each individual to regulate their own lives without harming one another. With human energy at its core, it ensures negligible harm to the environment and the humans in its supply-chain. Janapada Khadi strives to rearticulate the fabric in the form of versatile, contemporary and timeless pieces that are non-violent in letter and spirit. Image credit @oftrailsandtales, featuring our weaver Sudeepa. #Khadinarratives #JanapadaKhadi #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving#Khadithenonviolentfabric #fabricofthefuture

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