Why should you choose Janapada Khadi? 

At Janapada Khadi, we produce fine quality cotton Khadi. Cotton fabric is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body. Cotton allows a certain comfort to the wearer by keeping moisture from building up between your skin and clothing. Contrary to popular belief that cotton is only suited for tropical climatic conditions, the versatility of cotton allows for providing thermal insulation by trapping air between the fabric fibers, thereby making it weather-agnostic. These characteristics of cotton and preserved in their pristine form and in some sense, enhanced in the Khadi-making process. Khadi, being hand spun and hand woven enjoys another unique distinction of being very eco-friendly in its production. In its most authentic form, Khadi making is free from the use of fossil fuel, making it truly the fabric of the future. 

Further, it creates a more equitable society. Every time you buy our Khadi, you will be supporting a dozen families and assure them a living income. The number of crafts persons that the value chain of the humble Khadi supports is way more than the numbers supported during the production of handloom and powerloom fabrics. Through your thoughtful purchase, you foster and preserve  a dozen families and half a dozen forms of art and craft.

Whether as a fabric or a finished garment, Khadi has a natural and graceful fall to it. The colours infused by natural dyes make the fabric truly unique. The colours, imbued with the richness of the earth vary from season to season as the fruits and vegetables do, and so no two pieces of the fabric can ever look the same, making wearing Khadi a truly exclusive experience. As the fabric ages, it softens and fades beautifully and naturally, thereby giving it a new rustic look after every wash.

We recognize the need to go beyond the binaries of gender norms and embrace every potential wearer, reflecting the true spirit of Khadi as a tool of self-reliance. Therefore at JST, we specialize in fluid, un-stitched garments that offer infinite possibilities to a wearer. A lot of thought goes into the fabric, finish, functionality, and the fall of each garment, keeping in mind the comfort and needs of the potential wearer.