Premium fabrics

This is our limited edition premium natural dyed cotton khadi fabrics. This collection is very special because the yarn that we have used for the weft is made by Dr. Sanghamitra Desai Gadekar, a well know Gandhian activist and her associates from Gujarat. She is a granddaughter of Sri. Mahadev Desai, the secretary of Mahatma Gandhi. Currently she is involved with Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya in Vedchi started by her father Sri. Narayan Desai, a renowned Gandhian.

The yarn is completely handspun using box charkha and we have used it only on the weft because of its uneven strength. We happened to have a barter exchange with our Ambar charkha spun yarn for the warp. The result is this special collection of 100 meters of fabrics with six different colours.

The texture is unique and very different from the usual fabrics that we make. It has a beautiful unevenness. Each piece is an embodiment of Truth & non-violence for which she stands for. We are selling it as a premium product and the revenue will be shared with Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya as a small contribution from our side to their wonderful work.

We would like to thank Sanghamitra for giving us this rare opportunity.

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