Cotton Khadi Quilt (JKTC221203)

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Product: Cotton Khadi Quilt (JKTC221203)


Size: Length - 70 inch & Width - 50 inch. 

Weight: 2 kg

Product description: A two-layered quilt with no betting inside. It is lightweight and can be used as a table-cover, throw, picnic blanket, or in any other creative way.

Natural colour:Blue colour extracted from Indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria), Yellow colour extracted from pomegranate peel (Punica granatum), Red colour extracted from Alizarin, a non-toxic byproduct of coal tar, Pink colour extracted from the roots of Madder plant (Rubia cordifolia), Black colour extracted from iron rust & Kora, the natural colour of cotton,   


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Note: This quilt can be used as table cover

 A slight variation in colour and texture should not be considered as 'damage ' but it's an inherent characteristic of Khadi. As it's handmade for you, no two are exactly the same. Your purchase of this product fosters a sustainable and equatable future. Hence it is a statement about your values and life choices. For more please read